Chatbot Solutions for Nonprofits

How do you engage your donors?

Your donors are active, aware citizens (good on them!). But with so many worthy causes, it can be tough to decide how to give. Nonprofits have to innovate to beat the 40% average donor retention rate.

Your Intellei chatbot can learn what your donors care about, then tell compelling stories to remind them why they give. Your bot helps your organization stay top-of-mind.

Talk with your donors,
not at them.

Intellei chatbots are all about making the conversation a two-way street. Chatbots go beyond education; they learn about your donors to deliver personalized experiences.

Your chatbot is there for you 24/7. It can explain your mission, serve up relevant news, and report back on the reaction.

Knowing more about your donors will give you the edge when EOY giving rolls around.

Engaging campaigns. More compelling asks.

An effective fundraising campaign will include at least 7 touches between asks. Don’t be that friend who always needs to borrow money. Create an educational Facebook ad campaign that converts to a chatbot conversation.

Share knowledge. Ask questions. Get to know each other. THEN make your ask.

Tell powerful stories to inspire giving.

Facebook messenger is the perfect platform for bite-sized storytelling.
An Intellei chatbot can help your donors understand your mission on a human level.
Connect them to your work, so they stay engaged all year long.

Example of inspiring users to give

It takes them just a tap to give you the real-time feedback you’ve lacked.
It’s simple to set up, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Find out how an Intellei chatbot can dazzle your donors.