Chatbot Solutions for Higher Education

Conversations built for Gen Z.

Facebook messages left unanswered (or answered too late) are a missed opportunity.
You’ve got the chance to begin a lifelong relationship, but only if you write back right away.

School reps
standing by 24/7.

An Intellei chatbot can represent your school on the most convenient platform for your students. Your chatbot can do everything from fielding incoming questions from potential applicants to preventing the dreaded Summer Melt. Regular chats with incoming freshmen can reduce no-shows by 20%. Imagine going from reactive to proactive. All without adding a single member of staff. (Really.)

Talk to students
right away.

The best and brightest students are under pressure to pick the right school. You’re under pressure to get them engaged. 75% of schools are using Facebook ads to recruit applicants, but regular ads are a one-way street. They talk at students, not with them.

Enter: Facebook ads that convert directly into conversations.

Now students don’t have to wait (the chatbot’s there, day and night). Fewer expensive 1:1 chats with your team. 100% instant response rate.

Create more engaged alumni.

An Intellei chatbot can help keep your alumni network going strong.
Why stop the conversation when students leave campus?
Rich interactions on Facebook messenger can help alumni feel connected, even from afar.

Find out how an Intellei chatbot can serve your students.