Chatbot Solutions for Business

Customer loyalty starts with being there.

It’s no longer enough to compete on price and quality. Savvy consumers are demanding awesome experiences in every interaction. 67% of consumers cite bad experiences as the reason for abandoning a service or product. Ouch. It’s clear that most brands are doing something seriously wrong.

An Intellei chatbot is more than a marketing tool. It can be an integral part of your customer retention strategy.

Serve your customers,
day or night.

Your customer service team is amazing, but even superheroes need to sleep. What about the times when they can’t be there to help?

Let a chatbot take some of the load. Intellei chatbots can do more than just answer simple questions. They can proactively reach out for feedback, and escalate conversations that need some human touch.

Infinitely scalable, 24/7 availability.

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Make your
do more.

When a prospect clicks your Facebook ad, what happens? Do they get everything they need? Do they have unanswered questions? Do they convert? Take the guesswork out, with clever ads that convert to chats.

Your Intellei chatbot can engage prospects in natural language conversation. It can share the background story of your brand, deliver awesome details, and find out what your newest fan thinks. It’s a little like magic. (But it’s just AI.)

Measure more than clicks.

Emailed surveys can be a drag. Offer gift cards all you like, but response rates will still slip.
Graduate from ugly survey forms to a convenient channel your customers actually want to use.
With Intellei, you’ll put quick replies at your customers’ fingertips.

Example user experience screen with ACME

It takes them just a tap to give you the real-time feedback you’ve lacked.
It’s simple to set up, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Find out how an Intellei chatbot can serve your customers.