Chatbot Solutions for Associations

Show your association's value instantly.

60% of associations face stagnant or declining membership. Reaching the next generation of members is crucial to your organization’s success. An Intellei chatbot can provide value to members right away, with clever onboarding sequences and interesting, personalized content.

Give your
members more.

Intellei chatbots can deliver valuable, personalized content to your members in a way that’s convenient for them.

Your chatbot can serve up relevant news and send timely invites to industry events. It can even tell when a member’s unhappy, and pass the conversation up the chain (to a human, of course).

Attract new members with immediate responses.

Don’t miss a single chance to engage a potential member.
Your Intellei chatbot can be a proactive part of your team, working 24/7 to respond to inquiries. You can even run Facebook ads that convert straight to conversations.

Advertise, answer questions, and start relationships with your newest members, all while you sleep.

Graduate from once-a-year surveys.

Intellei chatbots can help you gather valuable feedback year-round. Quick response surveys on Facebook Messenger make it super simple for members to tell you how they feel. After all, who wants to fill out a 10 page survey?

Find out how an Intellei chatbot can transform your member experience.