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Also included: a team of helpful humans.

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Go beyond email blasts & FAQs.

Intellei chatbots connect you to your audience via webchat, SMS, and mobile messaging — where they’re already texting with their friends (and reading 98% of all messages).

Best of all, every conversation is different. Like messaging a friend who has all the right answers. Now your organization can be another great relationship, built one message at a time.

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Messaging a friend is easy.
Can your organization do it?

Intellei chatbots are…


Your customers already use Facebook Messenger and SMS to communicate. Bring your brand to them.


Intellei chatbots don’t just solve problems. They can carry on the conversation, follow up, and check in.


They can read the room. Each conversational experience is unique and tailored to that person.

Proactive communication at scale.

Are you stuck being reactive? If you wish you had more time to devote
to meaningful, personal follow up, consider a chatbot.
An Intellei bot can be the one to say…

Chatbot bubble: Hi! What did you think about that article I sent you?

Clever conversation starters are part of the design.

Got time to figure out a chatbot?
Didn’t think so.

Intellei chatbots are built for busy organizations. They…

Know Your Lingo

They’ve got natural language understanding that’s already customized for your industry.​

Brain box

Have Out-of-the-Box Skills ​

Need to run a survey? Answer FAQs? Tell a story? No sweat. Our chatbot already knows the drill.​

Bar line chart

Provide Custom Analytics​

Learn from your chatbot’s conversations. You’ll get the insights you need to understand your audience and serve them better.​​

Our team backs your chatbot.

You don’t have time to strategize, code, and deploy a new channel of communication. That’s why the Intellei team has your back. We’ll provide concierge support, brilliant scripting ideas, and industry expertise. So you can get back to work, while your chatbot works for you.

See what a chatbot can do for your organization.